The Power of the Cliche, “Let go and let God”

hi friends. So my best friend, Maddy Niswander, and I have started this blog to pour out our hearts to whoever would like to listen. The Lord is too wonderful not too share what he has done for us, and we want everyone to know that they can feel forever secure in Christ.

It has not been until recently that I have FULLY let God work in my heart. He has always been there, but I have put limits on his love for me. What I mean is, I have always struggled with wanting to please everyone, wanting to feel comfortable, and wanting live a life in which I could control. I feared the future and I was always trying to change things in order for “my plan” to unravel…

and, the Lord laughed.

For the longest time I lived with lack of confidence, labels, and self-pity. This took me down that road of control and led me to possess the characteristics of bitterness and pride. I was bitter towards my circumstances and prideful in situations in which I thought I was entitled to control. I knew the Lord and I knew he loved me, but part of my heart was still occupied by me and captured by what the world thought. Part of my heart was bound in bitterness and pride. Every time God would start to work in my heart and the process wasn’t “comfortable”  for me, I was unable to trust him.

I began to ask God why my heart was like this. He clearly spoke up and told me to let go.

“Let go of the control you think you have.”

“Let go of the picture perfect life that you think you deserve.”

“Let go of your pride and anything else that is building a wall between me and your heart.”

“Let go and latch onto me.”

I invited him deeper into my heart and I finally began to let him build what he has been longing to create in me, and as soon as I began to listen to his words, my way of being shifted. I started to understand who God is in comparison to who I wonder he laughs when I tell him my plans.  I saw who I was in him, and I began to gain the confidence that he provided. I have learned that his timing is ultimately everything and I cannot run from that. I am unable change things when they do not seem to go my way; waiting is beauty in the making.

I have also begun to grasp the idea that there is a huge difference in believing how much God loves you and actually letting yourself receive that much Love from him.
In all of this, I have learned the power of prayer. I have asked God to physically go in my heart and dig out what has held me back, and reveal it to me as he did. He has transformed my heart in the past few months.

I have been holding on to a few specific truths lately….
“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good spirit lead me on level ground.” Psalm 143:10

Also- A song called “Eye Of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson speaks true words about future and control; giving it to God. I find so much peace in these lyrics.

“I see the future I picture slowly fade away
And when the tears of pain and heartache are falling down my face
I find my peace in Jesus’ name”

I encourage you today to listen to these lyrics and to break down any barriers you have with the Lord. he sees through those walls. You are NEVER too far gone to receive his love. Ask him to reveal what those might be and ask him to show you that he’s working in your heart because I promise you that he is.

You are forever secure in his love.

xoxo, Delaney Givens



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